What We Do 

Ralphie has been created by two young girls who share the passion of brand identity, content creation and marketing strategies. Candela and Wissame met in London whilst working for a top global hotel group. They started this creative studio in aims to help small businesses and public figures get more recognition online. The importance of visibility does not rely on likes or follows anymore, it relies on the story you are telling your audience and the promises you keep. At Ralphie we promise to be your creative fuel, the one that is relatable to your targeted audience, the one that drives in new customers, the one that will only help you go forward.

If there's a story to tell,

let us narrate it for you.

If there's a history to honor, we will make sure that we do. 

We are a creative studio 

passionate about your identity and we don't rest until we deliver something extraordinary.


We plan smart, create quick and always deliver on time

Brand Image & Identity

We help you draw the line. From the very first steps of your brand creation to refreshing your brand image, we do it all! Whether it's choosing your logos typography, graphic charts - we take pleasure in giving meaning to your name.

Content Creation

Is it a website? Is it a video? Is it a soundtrack? Is it a meme? We can create everything that you need to communicate pretty much anything to your targeted audience. 

Creative Solutions

Need people to talk about you?

We'll help you build the hype.

We create strategies to make you the subject of discussion. We help you build importance and interest around your story. We put the sprinkle on your icing.

Social Media Management

The struggle it is to plan what you have to post every single day to maintain your engagement rate. We know! We plan ahead according to trends and hashtags and publish on a schedule approved by you on every social media platform you could think of.